Data Privacy and Security

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) entered into force as of 25 May 2018, further strengthening the privacy rights of individuals.

We take your privacy very seriously and therefore ask you to confirm that you have read the AIREN Privacy Notice, when registering to participate / attend AIREN Project events and registering as a member of the AIREN Network. You can view it here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to the Privacy Notice, Data Protection and GDPR in general by sending an email to .


The AIREN Project is initially funded by InterTradeIreland, with a view to kickstart a long-term all island network of research managers. A collaboration of three universities was formed, UCD, UU and QUB, to deliver the project on a contract basis to InterTradeIreland.

This Privacy Notice describes the way in which we (UCD, UU and QUB) deal with the information and data you share with us in order for us to allow you to register for and participate in AIREN Events (“Event”) held by the AIREN Project that you would like to attend, you will be speaking at or you are helping to organise,  and/or for registering as a member of the AIREN Network which will continue beyond the AIREN Project  as a legacy of the Project.

We will process your personal data provided to us (whether in person, via our website, or any other means) or otherwise held by us in the manner and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. Collection and processing of your personal data is conducted in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, the GDPR or UK GDPR respectively.

Who is the data controller?

University College Dublin, Ulster University and Queens University Belfast are joint controllers of the personal data collected for the purpose of the AIREN Project and the AIREN Network.

University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin of Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland,
Ulster University, Cromore Road, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, BT52 1SA.
Queens University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland

In case of any requests relating to processing of your personal data or in case of exercising your rights set out in the Clause 4 below, please e-mail us at .

What personal data do we collect about you and for what purpose?

For the purpose of registering to attend / participate at AIREN Project Event (including Away Days, Workshops and Conference), we collect personal data including your name, organisation, job role, and email contact address. 

For the purpose of registering to become a member of the AIREN Network we collect personal data including your name, organisation, job role, and email contact address.  We also collect any optional information you wish to provide to facilitate networking and to help us provide information and plan Events relevant to people’s areas of expertise and interests, including  your area of expertise / area of interest, your photo, and social media links.

For the purpose of reporting on AIREN Project deliverables to the AIREN Project Sponsor, InterTradeIreland, additional data on your industry sector, and any new efficiencies, collaborations, and research funding applications and projects arising from or facilitated by the AIREN Network, will be collected. 

For the purpose of your continued membership in the all-island network, beyond the lifespan of the InterTradeIreland sponsored AIREN Project itself, we will, should we get your consent, keep you and your data as active network member beyond the initial 2-year period, for the duration of your consent.

For the purpose of ensuring functionality of AIREN registration form(s) and the AIREN webportal, we will process your personal data in the extent of technical cookies, google analytics and related technical data.

Who do we share your personal data with?

Your personal data will be shared within the AIREN Project Team comprising members of staff in UCD, QUB and UU.  The Personal Data will be stored and shared via a designated Project Folder set up with controlled access permissions on Google Drive attached to an EEA based server.

For those presenting at AIREN Events Personal data (your name, organisation, job role) will be issued in the Event announcements issued within UCD, UU and QUB and externally to invite attendees to AIREN events, including via the AIREN webportal. AIREN Event announcements will also be shared with the AIREN Project Sponsor, InterTradeIreland.

To facilitate networking your AIREN Event registration data will be issued in an Attendee List to all attendees.  Information, including any optional information,  you provide for AIREN membership will be shared within the AIREN Network.

High level reporting, aggregated data (i.e. not personal / individual level data) will be submitted to the AIREN Project Sponsor, InterTradeIreland on:

  • Attendance and participation numbers at AIREN Events
  • Split between Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Organisation / company names of AIREN Event attendees and participants.
  • The number of new efficiencies, collaborations, and research funding applications and projects arising from the AIREN Project and AIREN Network.

Registrations to attend AIREN Events will be processed using either Google Forms or EventBrite. If you use EventBrite, your personal data is transferred internationally, including to countries with less stringent privacy laws than the EEA.   Therefore, at all times, AIREN Event registrations can alternatively be emailed to . 

The AIREN Web portal will be hosted by an external Hosting Company based in the EEA / UK.

An AIREN Twitter account will be used and you can decide whether or not you wish to follow AIREN tweets.  AIREN members also have the option of providing / sharing / following each other on social media accounts, should you decide you wish to.   See clause 6 also on how we implement the social media networks features.

If required by law, we may share your personal data with government authorities or law enforcement bodies, with external advisors and with other personnel who is subject to confidentiality obligation.

What are your rights in relation to the processing?

If you grant us your consent to the processing of your personal data, you do so entirely voluntarily, and you have the right to revoke or restrict the consent at any time.  Your rights include: right to access your personal data, right to withdraw consent, right to have your personal data rectified or erased, right to restrict the processing, right to data portability and right to lodge a complaint against us, as a data controller, with the Data Protection Authorities.

If you wish to make use of your data subject rights you can contact: .

Data Protection Authorities include:

The Data Protection Commission at

The Information Commissioners Office at

For how long do we keep data?

We retain your personal data for no longer than necessary to fulfil the purpose of the AIREN Project or for the period explicitly required by the applicable legislation.

Where we process your personal data based on your consent, such personal data will only be processed for the duration of the consent which you may revoke or restrict at any time. If you do so, we will stop processing the personal data concerned.

For attendees registering to attend an AIREN Event, without wishing to register as an AIREN Member, your registration data will be processed for 1 month following the AIREN Event for collecting post event feedback for monitoring the impact and effectiveness of the Events held.  Should you wish to, and with you consent, you can continue to receive AIREN Event notices and updates beyond that period.

General AIREN Project records will be retained in compliance with the audit requirements of the project sponsor, InterTradeIreland.   The retention period specified in paragraph 23 of the AIREN contract issued by InterTradeIreland states that  ‘The  Contractor will  keep proper and  up  to  date  accounts and  records for  at  least 7   years   after  the  termination of  the  Agreement, The Contractor will make these records available to the Body upon request’.

The personal data for systems functionality will be processed and stored for a period that is necessary for ensuring functionality of the website (i.e. in a matter of days or weeks, eventually for duration of the AIREN Project and the AIREN Network, if necessary).

How do we implement the social media networks features?

Where our website includes social media features, such as Twitter buttons, using these features triggers third-party collection of information about you, including international data transfers of your personal data to countries with less stringent privacy laws than the EEA. Please note that processing of the collected data is governed by policies adopted by these operators of the social media networks and, therefore, this Privacy Notice does not apply.

Using of photos from Events

All photos from Events depicting you with your acknowledgment or consent shall be used solely for reporting / presenting the AIREN Project.  You are not entitled to ask any reward for such use. You can revoke your consent anytime. In case we would like to make a photo exceeding these above mentioned purposes, we will ask you for a separate consent.

Should you choose to provide your photo for your AIREN membership registration, it will be shown/available in the members section of the AIREN webportal.

What if there are any changes to the processing?

Any changes we may make to this Privacy Notice in the future will be notified to you through the agreed communication channels. You are however advised to periodically review this Privacy Notice for any changes that might have been made.